noviembre 29, 2011

I would do anything for you

I know it's been a long since the last post I did, but my job take all most my whole time, besides I just want to spend my free time with my bf, so you'll understand. I went to a wedding with him and a couple of his friends, we spent the whole weekend in La Serena fourth region of Chile, pretty cool. I just wanted to have a great weekend with him, no job. I love roadtrips, I feel this was one, 6 hours driving from where we live.
Here pictures from those days.

Te amo

Here's the look

noviembre 16, 2011

She's crazy and she doesn't care.

Tired as hell, writing at 2 a.m but not complaining, I wanted to update this blog because if not so why did i started then. Well this week have been not a disaster, hell no, but at work i made a lot of mistakes, let's say I messed up a few times, like not putting the damn tips on the reports, so that implies that every waiter (including my cousin who works there too) have to wait until this friday to get paid, just because of my (sometimes) forgetful head. Now everything is fine, my boss told me what I did wrong so I'll try to not do anything stupid again. 
Let's talk about this pictures, hmm my bf took them (he's awesome photographer i think) when we were at Valpo at his friend's place, awesome view his apartment has. You know what, let the pictures speak for themself I'm too tired right now i'm starting to feel stomach pain because of I don't know why!.
Good night.


More to come... Mañana.

octubre 28, 2011

Will you two cut it out? And tell what is really all about


Para variar, estoy un poquito apurada escribiendo esto, tengo que estar lista para irme al trabajo como en 40 minutos más!... Ayer salí del trabajo como a la 1 de la mañana, trabajo en un restaurant, habían 2 eventos y las últimas personas que quedaban no se iban nunca!. Finalmente llegué sana y salva a mi casa a las 2:30 a.m. Bueno hoy les quiero mostrar unos close up que tomé hace unos días sobre mi "atuendo" jaja. También les voy adjuntar un videito más para que se entretengan mientras leen esto, quizás?
Es una lástima que el día está tan soleado y bello y yo tengo que prepararme para la fría noche que me espera al salir del restaurant... No me gusta llevar muchas capas de ropa!
Abrazos y espero que tengan todos un increíble fin de semana.

I'm a little hurry writing this, I have to be ready to go to work as in 40 minutes! ... Yesterday I left work at 1 am, working in a restaurant means that you have to wait until everyone is gone to close the place, there were 2 events and the last people who were left were not going ever!. Finally I arrived safely to my house at 2:30 am. Alright.
  Well today I want to show a close up I took a few days ago about my "outfit" hehe. I will also attach a videito for you to be entertained as you read this, perhaps?
It is a pity that the day is so sunny and beautiful and I have to prepare for the cold night waiting for me to leave the restaurant ... I just really don't like to wear many layers!
Wish you all an amazing weekend.

Shoes - Flea market, jacket - mom's old closet, shorts - second hand and DIY, shirt - Americanino.

octubre 24, 2011

Photography + videos = Fun for me!... Sun is shining the weather is sweet.

Hoy es un bello lunes, no hay trabajo para mí, aunque debo hacer algunos trámites si o si, pero no hay trabajo... Empezé a trabajar este viernes en un restaurant llamado Secreto, el lugar es precioso y tiene la mejor vista al mar ubicado en Con-Con, soy cajera (primera vez), estoy aprendiendo y bueno la cosa no es taaan difícil, además el ambiente laboral es bastante agradable por así decir. Veremos si me va bien y sigo ahí, quiero ver que pasa este mes.

Bueno de acuerdo al título de este post quería enseñarles algunas de mis fotografías más populares, ya sea en Flickr o en Redbubble que son mis cuentas donde subo mis fotos, en RB las puedo vender así que si les interesa pueden comprar las que gusten!!.
Aquí va un compilado de videitos y fotos, espero que les guste.


Hi all
Today is a beautiful Monday, no work for me, although I have to do some paperwork if or if, but no work ... I started to work on Friday at a restaurant called Secret, the place is beautiful and has the best ocean views located on Con-Con, I'm the cashier (first time), I am learning and it is not so difficult, besides the work environment is quite nice. We'll see if I do well and I'll see what happens this month.

Well according to the title of this post wanted to show some of my most popular photographs, whether Flickr or Redbubble which are my accounts where I upload pictures, I can sell my photos on Redbubble so if you are interested you can purchase my pictures!
Here is a compilation of short videos and photos, I hope you like.


This was a trip with some friends to a theme park in Santiago on summer, is my fave cause it makes me happy every time I watch it.

My boyfriend took the photos sequences of me, we were at his apartment. I did all the process of editing, the music makes me think like this is some kind of a movie film.

Popular Pictures


Cusco, Perú.

A friend and her baby.

See more on my Redbubble profile!

octubre 20, 2011

What I do

Hola!, es un poquito tarde ya y aún debo ordenar mi "equipo" de fútbol, en realidad me pongo cualquier cosa y mis zapatillas duraderas adidas all star. Hoy les muestro algunos de mis videos que tengo publicados en Vimeo, ya hace un tiempo que edito videos, normalmente sólo porque me gusta y me divierte, además me encanta vimeo y me inspira bastante... Bueno bueno aquí espero que lo encuentren interesante o algo al menos jaja. Abrazos.

Sunbeams, fotograma hecho con alrededor de 200 fotos.

Él es mi novio.

Translate/ Hi, well is bi late and dammit I have to get ready for my soccer practice!, well here it is a video I made, you can watch my other videos on Vimeo, that over there is my bf, he inspired me, also the music by Plastic Flowers, later guys i'm in such a rush right now!
Bye, take care.

octubre 18, 2011

octubre 17, 2011

Nueva entrada

So, here I am creating a blog, since I foolishly forgot my flickr account password I thought it would be the time to start to post my pictures on a blog, well hope you enjoy what you'll see here, i'll try to make it more "atractive" with the time, cause I just can't find the right template you know...
Here a few pictures I took yesterday at my bf's apartment with his camera (wich I love and want)...
 I got this dots tights also, unfortunately I have to buy another pair of tights cause of my army boots, I don't know how I ripped all of the back side of the leg, shit like that happens a lot...
I'm going to have lunch right now with my sis and mom, have a good day you all (even if no one will read this untill, hmm I dunno)

Chao, Conny.